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Why do Parrots Scream?


You love your parrot, but his screaming is bothering you, your family, and your guests. Perhaps you are wondering why he has this habit. Positive reinforcement can encourage him to stop, but you need to know why he is doing it.

He Wants Attention

Similar to a preschool-aged child, your bird may scream for attention. You may notice this when you are not paying attention to him, or when you are not in the same room. They are social animals that need plenty of interaction with their owners.

He Is Upset

Parrots can become nervous, stressed, and anxious the same as humans. Something may be bothering him that causes him to scream.

He Is Trying To Communicate

Your parrot may be bored, hungry, or wants to sleep. Screaming can be its way of communicating its needs.

He Wants His Way

If you let him have his way when he screams, he will continue to do it. An example is taking him out of his cage when he should not be out.

He Is Copying You

If you yell a lot, your bird may copy your behavior. He may believe screaming is the right thing to do.

You can be happier with your parrot when you understand his particular reason for screaming. You can teach him to stop, and have a quieter, more peaceful home.

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