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Why Do Parrots Live So Long?


Parrots come in order of more than 350 species including macaws, cockatoos, and budgies, well known as the parakeets. They are amazingly incredible, and they can live an exceedingly long life beside their small size.

Six Significant Reasons Why Parrots Live Long

  1. Lack of predators. The fact that parrots can fly away makes them relatively safe from predators that cannot fly.
  2. They live in groups. Mostly, parrots like the African grey parrots, live in groups of as many as 30 birds which helps them to maintain security among the flocks keeping them away from possible preys.
  3. Breeding. The life span of the parrots is affected by reproduction in that, the longer the lifespan, the longer the time to sexual maturity stage, meaning that the chances of passing genetic imperfections that will eventually shorten their life span will be minimal.
  4. Low level of oxidative damage. This helps to prevent contamination to their DNA, which lowers the level of damage and the number of diseases over a lifetime, resulting in longer life.
  5. Exercise. Flying stipulates lots of activities which increases the longevity of most mammals in general. Therefore, flying contributes to the long life span of the parrots as well.
  6. Diet and habits. Being omnivorous, parrots can eat both meat and vegetables. Besides they are monogamous and spend their lives with one mate working together to bring up their young ones.

Parrots, especially budgies, can mimic human speech if subjected to prudent training, making them be one of the most commonly accepted pets in the world, ranked just behind the cats and the dogs.

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