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Why Do Parrots Bob Their Head?


Parrots will often look like they are dancing to music that only they can hear. They do a lot of head bobbing, and it is fun to watch, but what does it mean? Just like humans, parrots are unique and have their own personalities. One parrot's reason may be different from the next, but either way, it's all a form of communication.

One reason for head bobbing is a sign of hunger. When a parrot is bobbing their head, it can be a way of telling you they are ready to eat. Due to not talking, except for repeating what we may say, they must rely on movements to let you know it is time for a meal.

Another reason for head bobbing is attention. Just like a toddler throwing a tantrum, parrots like attention as well. They use the movement of their heads to catch your eye so that you can pay attention to them. Male parrots can also use head bobbing as a way of capturing the attention of a potential mate as well.

Furthermore, head bobbing can mean boredom. If a parrot is cooped up in a cage alone all day, just like us, they can become bored. Head bobbing can be a way to pass the time.

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