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Why Do Parrots Bite?


Parrots use their beaks for several functions like eating, climbing, playing, or preening all by using their beaks. This means that the fact they "bite" you does not mean they are being aggressive. However, they could be aggressive, which is one reason why they will bite. The level of aggressiveness is something that you can reduce by intense and loving interaction with the parrot.

One primary reason why they bite is that they are fear you. Just as babies, they can feel insecure next to you, especially if they have not yet bonded to you. However, before you conclude that she is biting you, you need to acknowledge that at times they are just playing. You got to know the difference between biting and playing.

Whether the parrot is biting due to aggression or fear, you have a role to play. A straightforward way to curb this habit is to move the parrot to a neutral location, avoid yelling to the bird and find a way of interacting with the parrot to build trust. This way, the parrot may stop being aggressive and stop biting.

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