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Tepui Parrotlet (Nannopsittaca panychlora)

Order: Psittaciformes | Family: Psittacidae | Genus: Nannopsittaca | Species: panychlora

Why Do Parrots Bite?

Parrots use their beaks for several functions like eating, climbing, playing, or preening all by using their beaks. This means that the fact they "bite" you does not mean they are being aggressive. However, they could be aggressive, which is one reason why they will bite. The level of aggr Read More

Do Parrots Know What They Are Saying?

Most studies have shown that parrots know what they say. This is because, with proper training, they can discern a particular set of words for given occasions. A study by scientist Pepperberg on the famous parrot, Alex, revealed that parrots could discern abstract concepts like numbers, size, col Read More