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How Long Can a Budgie Be Left Alone?


A new budgie friend can be a blessing knowing that you have someone to talk to, but do you know that it is essential to let the bird be left alone at times? Here is why.

A budgie needs to have alone time whenever it is asleep, so whether they sleep for an hour or spends half a day resting, give the bird some time to rest its beak from too much talking. However, you should not leave your companion for more than 24 hours without some interaction and without leaving it some food and a drink. This is a quick recipe for killing it.

If you have to go somewhere, be kind enough to let your friend or neighbor know so they watch the parrot and communicate with it every day. If your budgie has already formed a bond with you, leaving it for long hours on his own can lead to an emotional breakdown. Nevertheless, these birds are fond of reflective toys so you can distract your budgie with the right toy for a few hours as you run an errand quickly.

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