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How do You Know if Your Budgie is Sleeping?


So you got yourself a budgie, and you cannot tell whether the bird is sleeping or just playing around? You may want to look at these characteristics to give you pointers for knowing some of its most regular sleeping habits. A sleeping parakeet will display the following behaviors. 

  • The bird will tuck its head underneath its arm and close its eyes. This act is synonymous with most other birds, so it should be easy to notice
  • Your parrot will rest on one leg. These smart bird will do this to ensure it loses a minimum amount of heat during the entire time it is inactive
  • You will notice its eyes are closed. Of course, few animals sleeps with its eyes open, and the ones that do are downright creepy.

A combination of two of these indicators will allow you to see your parrot resting. Be sure to observe in silence while watching them.

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