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How Do Parrots Drink Water?


Just like human beings and every other living animal, parrots need to drink water to live.

Humans have lips we can wrap around an opening and then suction water into our mouths. Birds don’t have this advantage. Instead, they need to fill their beaks with water and then tilt their heads back to swallow.

If you fill a water dish, the parrot will dunk the lower part of its beak inside and rapidly lap water into its beak with its tongue. This is similar to the way a dog or a cat drinks by sticking their tongue into the water, except that a parrot then needs to tip its head back so it can swallow. It will repeat this sequence a few times before it gets its fill. These birds need to drink approximately 5% of their body weight every day.

Parrots need fresh water daily. They enjoy cleaning themselves in their water or playing with it, so it’s common for a water dish to get debris in it as the day goes on. Even if you use a bottle instead of a bowl, there is still the risk of bacteria building up in the water container as days go by. Giving a parrot fresh water every day is the best way to keep your parrot healthy and happy.

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