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How Do I know if My Parrot is Happy?


These are some of the factors you can use to determine if your parrot is happy.

Body language

Parrots are known to display more vocal behavior when happy. They tend to show more active wings, eyes, beaks, and tail. 

The eyes

Parrots use a phenomenon called pinning or flashing; where they can shrink or enlarge their irises to show emotions or need. An enlarged iris in a parrot is a sign of happiness. 


When a parrot is happy they tend to talk a lot while being withdrawn when they are sad, fearful or feel threatened. 


A parrot’s charter can determine how happy they are, such that loud unusual chatter can mean a call for attention when they are unhappy. 


One can use the way a parrot moves its feathers to determine how happy it is. A parrot that spreads its tail feathers out is a sign of happiness. Prolonged ruffled feathers in a parrot can be a sign of illness.

In conclusion, knowing if a parrot is happy is dependent on how observant you are. Take time to notice any changes in personality displayed by your parrot friend.

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