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Do You Need to Cover Budgies at Night?


It is fun to live with a budgie. You may have heard that you should cover its cage at night. There are reasons you should follow this advice.

A Contented Bird

Your budgie can become startled or nervous if he hears sounds in your home or noise from outdoors. Budgies can also be bothered by sudden movements and lights. This will not be an issue if his cage is covered. He will be contented and happy when his cage is covered during the nighttime.

Your Budgie Can Sleep

When his cage is dark, it is a signal for sleep. These birds should have between 10 and 12 hours of sleep each night. When his cage is covered, he can have plenty of sleep, and be healthy.

A Quiet Home

If your bird does not know it is time to sleep, you may not be able to sleep, either. He may chirp throughout the night and keep your entire family awake. Covering his cage at night is an easy way to prevent this problem.

If you have a new bird and do not know his habits, or a budgie that is not accustomed to a covered cage, be patient when teaching him this new routine. When he learns a covered cage means it is time to sleep, you will have a healthier, happier bird.

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