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Do Parrots Bite?


Yes, parrots bite. What’s interesting and important to understand is that your pet bird biting you doesn’t mean they don’t like you. It doesn’t mean the bird is mean, either.

6 Reasons Your Parrot May Bite You

  1. They Are Playing With You. If a bird is having fun, they might nip you because they are excited or maybe they are slipping and grab on to you for balance.
  2. They Are Grabbing On To Something: Remember that parrots use their beaks for all kinds of things. They are hookbills, so their beaks serve a function for them as our hands do for us. They use their beaks when they are climbing or playing when they are preening or eating. They will grab onto perches, and they will sometimes grab onto you.
  3. They’re Scared. If a pet parrot is startled, it can't fly away because its wings are clipped. It might bite as a fear response.
  4. The Literal Pecking Order. In this case, the bird is biting to establish dominance. It’s defending its home, or it's establishing some kind of control. If your bird wants to go back in its cage and learns that it gets put back home every time it bites you, it will learn to do that to get what it wants.
  5. They’re Sick. If your parrot doesn’t typically bite but suddenly starts doing so, take your bird to the vet to be checked out. It might be sick and protecting itself.
  6. It Is Aggressive. The above instances are most likely the issue if your bird isn’t usually a biter, but if your parrot bites all the time, they may have an aggression problem. Talking to your vet about this may help, but also eliminating factors that may make the bird grumpy. Is the cage cleaned often enough? Is something else in the environment bothering it, like another pet in the house, or a loud television near its cage? Make small changes, one at a time, and see if the behavior changes.

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