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Do Budgies Need Darkness to Sleep?


One of the best ways to keep a happy and healthy budgie is by providing a night of peaceful sleep. This requires that you know the best sleeping conditions.

Budgies do not need complete darkness for sleep as it scares them. Instead, they prefer little shades of light.

Frightened budgies will, in most of the cases chirp all the time, and they won’t sleep; this makes it uncomfortable to keep. Also, when budgies fail to sleep at night, they tend to recover by sleeping during the day. This means you will have fewer good times with your pet.

Other than a little lighting, budgies also prefer soft surfaces to snuggle and lounge before bedtime.

There are several sleeping beds on the market that provide the right lighting for the budgies.

Having the best lighting conditions during sleep helps reduce stress and provides the budgies with a sense of security and comfort.

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