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Do All Budgies Talk?


When you are planning to add a bird to your family, you may be wondering if he will be able to talk. While most budgies are capable of speaking, they are not all the same. Male budgies are generally more talkative than the female birds. However, there are ways you can teach your new bird, regardless of gender.

How To Have Good Results When Teaching A Budgie To Talk

If possible, choose a young bird. While an older bird may learn a couple of words, younger birds can develop an extensive vocabulary. When you start to teach him, be in a room that is free from distractions. Talk to him whenever you interact with him. This will help you establish a bond with your budgie.

It is most comfortable for your new bird to pick up short, simple words. It should be easy for it to pick up words that have one or two syllables. Praise it each time it repeats a word.

It should not be long before the bird starts to repeat phrases. You can encourage other members of your family to interact with your new family, too. Even young children will be delighted to hear the bird talking to them.

When you are encouraging your bird to talk, you will have better results if there are no other birds nearby. You will genuinely enjoy your budgie when it uses human vocabulary.

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