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Budgies (Parakeets)

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The budgerigar or the budgie is commonly referred to as the parakeet in American English. Parakeets tend to be long-tailed and eat seeds for survival. Traditionally, budgies form nomadic flocks, but they have been a popular choice as pets for a long time. They tend to breed in pairs, both in captivity and in their habitat. You will be able to spot parakeets in the drier regions of Australia.

The Budgie (Parakeet) Bird Family

Budgies belong to the family of parrots and are the only species in the genus, Melopsittacus. It means "melodious parrot" while the species name, undulatus is means "wave-patterned."

The species is naturally green and yellow. The birds also have black, scalloped markings all over the body. When the budgies are bred indoors, they often grow up to have blue, white, yellow patches with small crests. The juveniles and chicks are monomorphic. You will be able to distinguish between the adult birds based on their re cere coloring and their behavior.

The budgerigar has alternative names like shell parrot, the canary parrot, the scallop parrot, and he warbling grass parakeet.

Fun Facts About Budgies (Parakeets)

The more time you spend with budgies, the more you will discover their unique place in the world of birds. If you want to know more about budgies, then here are some cool tidbits for you: 

  • Budgies have two toes which face forward and the other two face backward on each foot like all other parrots. Usually, three toes face forward, and one is turned towards the back.
  • They are extremely popular as pet birds. Studies show that 45% of pet birds in the USA are budgies.
  • You will be able to identify the gender of a budgie based on the structure of the face. If the cere above the beak is blue, it means that the budgie is male. On the other hand, if the cere is brown, it is a female bird.
  • Budgies can be bred to be of different colors.
  • They are flock birds and feel the need to socialize daily. You will have to talk to the bird and devote some time to making sure that they are happy.

Budgies (Parakeets) as Pets

You can get yourself a budgie either from a pet store or directly from a breeder. Ideally, you should choose a young budgie so that you can tame it easily. The ideal pet budgie is bright, alert, and very active. It should look well cared for, and the feathers should lie flat, smooth, and shiny. The scales of the feet should be smooth. Make sure that the beak and the nails are not overgrown.

Budgies are known to be playful, and you should play around with them frequently. The bigger the cage, the more comfortable your budgie will be.

Breeding Information

To begin with, you must determine whether you have access to a male and a female budgie. Parakeets need some time to bond before they start the mating process. If you want to cross two specific birds, then you can put them in a large cage and allow them some time. You can either opt for colony breeding or choose to breed individual pairs according to your convenience.

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