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Are Parrots Good Pets?


If you are thinking about a new pet, you may want to consider a parrot. However, you may be wondering if a parrot will be the right pet. There are reasons these birds make ideal pets.

Parrots Are Intelligent

When you adopt a parrot, there is much you can teach him. This intelligent bird can learn to do basic tricks, talk, and cooperate with its owner.

Parrots Are Social

A parrot can be a companion animal. When you give him enough time and attention, he will develop a bond with you. If you are looking for a good friend, a parrot is an excellent choice.

Parrots Are Fun

Parrots love to play, and many enjoy watching television and listening to music.

Parrots Are Easy To Care For

Parrots do not require special care to stay healthy. He needs parrot food, fresh water, a clean cage, and interactions with his human family. When they are kept healthy, many types of parrots can live for more than 40 years.

Are Parrots For Everybody?

Parrots are wonderful pets, but they are not for everyone. If you spend a considerable amount of time away from home, the bird will not have the time and attention he needs. Elderly people may not want a pet that will outlive them. If you have a child who is too young to understand how to be careful with a bird, a parrot is not the best choice.

For most people, though, a parrot can be a lovely addition to your household. Singles and families alike all love parrots.

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