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Are Parrot Bites Dangerous?


Parrot biting is a common occurrence that the bird keepers must contend with from time to time. Parrots bite for various reasons such as; fear of humans, aggression due to hormonal changes, and just as a natural function of their beaks.

Due to the nature of the beak, a parrot’s bite can cause dangerous physical pain and harmful hand injury. There is also a risk of contracting other illnesses from the microbiological pathogens carried on the parrot’s saliva. Typically, however, there is no need for medical attention for the average bite since most wounds are shallow. Shallow wounds often only require thorough washing and oral medication. Of course, the severity of the bite determines the medical action taken. Deep and infected wounds may call for medical care, surgical care, and the administering of oral medication.

One can easily avoid parrot bites by treating the bird with patience and care. It is also important to observe the circumstances of when the parrot bites to avoid these scenarios and create lasting behavioral change on them.

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