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Are Budgies Noisy at Night?


You love the way your bird chirps and chatters, but it is not as appealing during the nighttime. Budgies can be quite noisy at night, but there are ways you can reduce this problem.

Check Its Daytime Environment

Budgies can become overstimulated if they are exposed to too much light. This is a common reason they can be noisy throughout the night. Make sure he does not have more than 12 hours of light during the daytime.

The birds need communication and playtime. If he is not getting enough attention during the daytime, he may react by making noise when you want to sleep.

Check Its Nighttime Environment

Budgies can become loud if there is too much noise in the room. Keep your television, music, and conversations in a different room.

Your bird may consider light during the nighttime to be a signal to be awake. You can easily resolve this issue by placing a cover over his cage. However, some birds get night fright. If he makes excessive noise when his cage is covered, leave one corner uncovered and use a nightlight.

Check Its Sleep Habits

Budgies should have between 10 and 12 hours of sleep in each 24-hour period. If he is not getting enough sleep, he may make a considerable amount of noise.

Budgies are not quiet birds, but they do not need to interfere with your ability to sleep. Check to see which of these issues apply to your budgie, and make some simple changes. You can have a healthy budgie, and quiet at night.

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